lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2011

My name's Melangelis Herrera but you can call me Mel, I'm from Cabimas, I'm 18 years old and study Law at Rafael BellosoChacin (URBE) . My favorite subjects are Roman Law and Civil. This semester Im taking 5 classes and I'm in the 2th trimester.

I love listen to music, read , dancing , hang out with Friends , Family (Especially My Mom) and Boyfriend , Pizza , Nutella , Sleep , My  Cellphone , Green Color , Buy Clothes and Sleep SleepSleep.

I hate wake up early , Listening to Vallenato's , Washing the dishes , Eat Fish , Walk , Scream , Sun Days , Sweat .

My Dreams are travel around the World , I want to graduate from Law and be a Judge , Meet to Rihanna and also get Married and have a Family.

About English I love new lenguages actually I'm studingenglish at CEVAZ in the level 8th. But also I Practice English : listening to music , Watch TV Series , By Internet.

Well,  Time to say Good Bye. its a Little blog about My I hope you like.

Afterthe Rain Comes the Rainbow

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